About Us

Welcome to the Sound Therapy Site.

Here you can learn a little more about the work we do with sound therapy in education, with individuals and in industry. You can also read about the experience and drive behind the founder Jeff Moran. 

What we are is open and honest, so if you have any questions and would like to know anything specific  please get in touch with the team or email Jeff direct at jeff@soundtherapy.co.uk

What is our mission?

"There are all kinds of ways and opportunities to make a difference in this world, and we’ve chosen to make our contribution through cutting edge sound and music technology, to help create positive change".

Everyone has beliefs... here are some of ours

What we now know is that at the deepest level of our current scientific understanding... everything is frequency. So with this knowledge we know that everything is in a state of motion at a deeper level, therefore nothing is fixed and permanent which concludes that anything can change.

This knowledge fuels the drive for us to continue to gain more of an understanding of how and what frequencies effect the brain and body in a positive way.  So in essence the most powerful motivator we could possibly have is that there is potential for change within anyone....

So whether its learning problems, sleep issues, tinnitus, memory problems, information processing disorders....if we really think about it due to the nature of the brain being made up of frequencies and everything having the potential for change, then it makes sense that most of these problems could be due to connection issues within the brain (brain wiring) or hearing frequencies that may need to be neutralised as in tinnitus and sleep disorders and can therefore benefit if the correct frequency programs are used.

The Founder.... Jeff Moran MA

Jeff Moran MA

I'm Jeff Moran, founder of the Sound Therapy Site, where you can get a glimpse of my lifes work.

My background covers over 25 years of studying the effects of sound and music upon matter, which includes, but not limited to, sound and the body/brain connection, vocal analysis, frequency generators, high tech sonic analysis equipment, natural instruments and the voice.

The quest for knowledge has taken me from the UK to Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and the USA presenting  sound and energy workshops...   Throughout all this, learning from the truly amazing experiences and people I have met along the way.

What Drives My Work....

There are many things that motivate me to get up in the morning and pursue what I love doing...

However, the main reason has got to be the feeling that I get when I hear about positive results from parents seeing their child progress and embrace a renewed sense of self worth. Reason being,  I know this often leads to a happier child and therefore a happier family.

Personal Experience

As well as the joy of seeing adults and children improve,  I do the work because I have personally overcome many of the obstacles that a lot of children and adults face today  including dyslexia which created a lack of self worth within myself.

To move  forward,  I have tried various methods and strategies for learning that have included a lot of sound/music therapy programs, educational courses and different learning techniques (auditory learner) that have worked for me. 

These techniques have enabled me to focus, relax the mind and absorb information which culminated in a very proud moment for myself and my parents when I received an MA in 2000.

Currently I spend 70% of my time working with students and the rest in the corporate sector, presenting  the belief cycle, accelerated learning, brain development and the effect sound has upon our physical and emotional well being.

So if you have any questions regarding the applications of the sound therapy and other strategies for learning then feel free to email me at jeff@soundtherapy.co.uk