"Top athletes agree... what makes the difference to your performance is... Your ability to Focus and Concentrate"

Now you can easily improve your focus and concentration with the MindGym program

Does Your Mind Let You Down?

Do you experience a lack in concentration? if so, your not alone, it's common,  and is the main reason that you can end up feeling gutted about what might have been. Anxiety, energy slumps, performance problems, fears and lack of self-confidence can all be traced to a lack in mental focusing.

Any serious athlete and coach will tell you that the mental part of the game is as important as physical training, if not more and it's what most athletes don't put enough focus upon. We believe it's the difference that makes the difference.

As you know top athletes have an ability to focus intensely and to remain in that mental state for an extended period whilst training and when competing in events, it's what gives them the edge.

So what can you do to get that mental edge yourself !

That's Why We Put Together the MindGym Program

NOW YOU can get the benefits of the program

including Faster reflexes, hand eye co-ordination and situational awareness

  • Neuromuscular co-ordination

    Athletes tend to think in terms of muscle groups, but what controls those muscles is the brain. To get the body’s systems working optimally on any task requires the brain to be in an optimal state.

  • Hand-eye co-ordination

    With both hemispheres of the brain working in sync for you, your hand-eye and general body co-ordination will improve. When the brain is in the flow the ball “appears to go slow”

  • Positional awareness

    Successful athletes are said to have a “nose for the ball.” In practical terms, this means they have a better sense of where to stand and how to situate themselves – a skill requiring a high level of brain capability.

  • Reaction time

    Reflexes are nothing more than your brains ability to transmit a message that you are not “consciously” thinking about that work on your muscle memory. However,  you will notice your reaction time will drop.

What the Athletes Have to Say About the Positive Results Thay are Having

  • Hi Jeff,  just to say hello again and give you an update. Wow, great beats from MindSounds.  I won in straight sets at tennis against my club champ last week... in the zone or what!
  • Don't know what it actually does in my brain, but I feel like I have much more clarity and focus when taking aim,  so I am shooting up the rankings real quick which is giving me a buzz.
  • Gotta say I never expected to be able to focus on the court like I can now... I use level 3 of the program before going on and I can feel my brain locking onto what I need to do... awesome.
  • It’s as if the key is in slow motion these days, I use level 3 before a contest and the results are that my opponent appears to move slower as my reaction time speeds up.

Its SIMPLE to use, only 10-20 mins/day and you can download now

This Is How Easy it is to Use

The MindGym is a 5 level audio program with a combination of music blended with cutting

edge sound therapy that increases in intensity from level to level that works on increasing the brains ability to process information.

Ideally you will start at level 1 and work up to level 2, 3, 4 or 5, however, the program can be very personal and you may start at level 2 or 3.

The MindSounds technology within the MindGym program stimulates your brain. It works the two hemispheres and creates additional neural pathways, in essence, optimizing the way it processes information. It’s effortless on your part and completely safe – all we’re doing is helping the brain to do what it does anyway but more efficiently, with positive results.

When I Am In The Flow.... The Ball Goes Slow

The words of Lleyton Hewitt, the worlds youngest No1 tennis player

What did Lleyton Hewitt mean?

In tennis as in other sports when your brain is working in synch with your body and you move into the state called the FLOW... then your perception of those around you is that they are going in slow motion, hence in your reality you have more time to hit the right shot, make the right move, land the right blow.

This is what athletes tell us happens when they play the MindGym just before they compete

So What is the Cost of that Winning Feeling?

Is it a No Brainer?

Cost is always interesting... as you could ask

What does it cost for a pint of beer, a packet of cigarettes, a meal out, an overnight stay, a pair of shoes.

So cost is a relative thing and we have decided for now to make it affordable with a cost of:


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