Now You Can "Improve You or Your Childs Learning, Concentration and Memory"… All You Have to Do Is Listen

Making Life Easier For Children and Parents... Oh and Teachers as Well

Thanks for visiting the site... if you’re here, then maybe it’s because you, your child or someone you may know have some sort of learning or behavioral issues, even trouble with concentration and focus – which in turn is having an effect upon their self belief, self worth or confidence, making both their life and yours really difficult, often unhappy and challenging.

If this is the case then your in the right place... It's the reason why we created The Sound Therapy Listening Program.  It's So Effective, easy to use that homes and schools across the United Kingdom and worldwide are now using the program.

It's been created to help children and adults with various learning and behavioral challenges create positive life changes, with improved self worth, confidence and self esteem... Resulting in happier children and families alike.

The program is not limited to learning and behavior issues as it's also being used by adults and students in other areas including sports achievement, stress reduction and where improved concentration and focus are needed to gain a positive advantage.

Now YOU Can Create Verifiable and Lasting Results… In Just 10 – 20 Minutes A Day!

Here’s how easy and stress-free it truly is to get results…

We created the 5 level Sound Therapy Listening Program for the real world, were time and ease of use are key.  Kids are naturally restless, and if anyone expects them to sit for hours at a time on any program at all – forget it.

But with The Sound Therapy Listening Program, its simple to use and it takes less than 20 minutes a day for achieving results and they can also be doing other things whilst listening.

Students Feel and See the Positive Results

I don’t know what it does – but it does something to my brain so I can be like normal kids and do my work. I can read easier after I have listened to the music.

Jack 13, Wirral

My head sometimes goes a bit fuzzy when the beats start but then after a few minutes it goes clear – I can then sit down and concentrate instead of being hyper.

Zac 13, Wirral

At first I thought it was all fake but when we were in revision class and it was playing – I found it easier to concentrate – the whole class calmed down and everyone was working – should have done this in year 10 then I wouldn’t have been so stressed out at the exams.

Richard 15, Wirral

Listening to the music helps my brain get ready to learn. I have gone up 2 targets grades in English and I can read, spell and write much easier now.

Josh 13, Wirral

What Lots of Parents Tell us About the Positive Results they are Getting

Yes Jeff you sent me one and she has been using it before school. She is moving up to 'level 2” and her teachers have already said her school work has improved (they don't know about the CD). I will definitely be back in touch as she goes on! Many thanks

Sarah , Parent, Reading

His behaviour has changed in class, his attention has improved and this is all down to the CD, this is powerful stuff...must get in touch soon.

Fiona, USA

Well Jeff… I only wish you had seen Jacob before he started using the CD. He has severe learning difficulties and has really improved since he started listening. He is so much calmer (he has stopped banging his fist) and his speech has got so much clearer, in fact the teachers at the school have been using the CD in class. I look forward to his continued improvements.

Eileen, Liverpool

Big Question..... Will I or my child get bored?

We’ve found the more choices you have with the musical sounds your listening to, the more likely you will stick with the program without fuss. (After all, how much classical music do you really expect a child to sit through?)

Remember, each level is progressive, building upon each other for locking in the positive changes you or your child should soon be experiencing.

Just imagine… instead of them struggling and fighting every inch of the way, to soon see them happy and fulfilled… ready to meet each day with hope and enthusiasm.

There are 8 great & different musical varieties to choose from that include: Cool Dance, Mozart, Bouncy Pre-Teen, Happy Island, Indian, Ambient, Chinese Classical and the flagship Mind Gym that was used extensively in the research.

  • Each level has 8 different tracks (5 levels)
  • Every track on a level has a different genre of music to choose from
  • That's 40 different tracks throughout the program
  • That means lots of choice for the user

You don't get bored with this amount of choice!

You can listen to some samples of the music genres to appreciate the variety

[amazingaudioplayer id="6"]

And whats more, its SIMPLE to use, only 10-20 mins/day, instant download, no expensive extras and lots of music choice...

What's your investment?

If you’re expecting to see some astronomical price tag on the Sound Therapy Listening Program, I am pleased to disappoint you.....  "The Program needs to be accessible and affordable"  so we have priced the program at an affordable cost of £99.97 and that's it... a one off cost.

This is the complete sound therapy package for getting you or your child back on the path to happiness and a successful life.

I created the program to help make the world an easier place for those who find it difficult like I did, as I personally know what its like to struggle with learning. So If I can help you or your child succeed in life, then what better reward.

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Sound Therapy Listening Program "Overview" Video

Below is a video overview I put together to answer some of the many questions that you may have.   If your more of a reader then please click here to read the full transcript of the video

A Results Driven Product with Proven Research

  • Helps with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, Auditory Processing.
  • Proven to work well with Learning and Behavioural challenges.
  • Increases your ability to concentrate and focus.
  • Huge Improvements in users short term memory.
  • Due to the improvements it creates happier families.

ADD/ADHD – Hyperactive, inattentive, anxious and often stressed out it wouldn’t be much help to boost up the Beta brain waves! So our program can focus in and stimulate the Alpha/Theta, calming them down – relaxing them - letting them experience the world in a far more calmer and mentally tranquil state.

Slower Learners – Just the opposite, slower learners need a boost in their brain wave activity. Specific tracks stimulate the brain’s hemispheres to start processing information more effectively, not only helping to speed up the learning process more easily, but enabling them to keep what they’ve learnt in memory through whole brain learning.

Dyslexia/Dyspraxia – This can often be really frustrating and at times embarrassing, not knowing why you find it difficult to process things like reading or spelling. With co-ordination issues it can also lead to name calling and a lack of self worth. What is great is that the research has confirmed these learners really benefit from the program.

Social Skills and Confidence – When your child actually sees improvement by using the mind balancing power created by the program, both in learning and general attitude, they’ll be feeling a lot less isolated and a whole lot happier and included which is what its all about really.

What teachers are saying

The students can come in hyperactive and calm down very quickly meaning that the quality of the lesson is much better.

English Teacher, Wirral

I have noticed a significant change in one particular pupil when he listens to the sound therapy – his whole persona changes and he becomes focused and willing to participate in lessons. An incredible transformation.

History Teacher, Wirral

Have a listen to what they say about the great results

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    Even better, there’s no special equipment needed

    Once you have the Sound Therapy Listening Program itself, all you need is either an MP3 player, iPod, phone, computer or if you wish to download onto a CD, then a CD player and a pair of headphones.

    No additional high cost items as the research was done with cheap £20.00 mp3 players and low cost headphones.

    Our outstanding results come from the actual sounds, beats and specially embedded tones that we have developed, not the quality of equipment they’re played on..... In fact, your child doesn't even have to be sitting still!... Let them walk around as usual as they listen to their selection.

    There’s absolutely no downside... If for some reason it doesn’t work for you... we’ll refund your money.

    All We Ask All we ask is that you give the program an honest try and go through the levels as suggested

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      P.S  Think twice before you spend hundreds or even thousands on a program.. Just because the MindSounds Listening Program cost is so reasonable, please don't think that it is any less effective!

        Jeff Moran MA, (Sound Therapist, Educator)

        A little about my own background and experience:

        • 20 years experience within the sound and learning environment
        • Work as a therapist, trainer and adviser
        • In over 500 schools and colleges
        • With over 100,000 students and educators

        My interest has taken me worldwide, studying the scientific and cultural world of sound therapy and learning. Through this journey I have experienced the fascinating effect that sound can have upon the brain and learning, that inspired me to create the Sound Therapy Listening program. 

        I draw a lot upon my experience as a child having to overcome my own learning problems, so personally know what it feels like to put a lot of effort in and not see any results... and then get called stupid, lazy or a daydreamer. My own experience motivates me to help others who are facing similar challenges, as I often see many reflections of myself within the learners I work with on a daily basis, children and adults alike... and all they often need is a little support in the right direction.

        Coming from a belief that I was stupid in school and reinforced by being in low graded lessons (sets) I left with basically "no qualifications" and a lack of self belief.  Since then I have tried and tested countless methods of learning and numerous brain based technologies and programs over the years, so I know the industry really well, the ones that bamboozle with techno speak to profiteer and also the well intentioned.

        Having overcome the negative school experience, I now have a Master of Arts degree, a successful business and an ability to learn anything you throw my way.... They say if you invest 10,000 hours into an area of knowledge then you should know a bit, so I have already put the work in and done a lot of testing and research to help you on your path to success..