Mind Gym



Improve Sports Performance: It’s All in Your Head

Any serious athlete will tell you that the mental part of the game is at least as important as physical training. Top athletes have an ability to focus intensely and to remain in that state for an extended period.

MindSounds has been used successfully by athletes in sports including martial arts, golf and squash. As little as ten minutes per day with MindSounds can make a noticeable difference.

Areas where you can expect to see improvement include:

  • Concentration and focus: No more distractions – you’ll be able to give all your attention to the task at hand.
  • Hand-eye coordination: With both halves of the brain working in sync, your coordination will improve.
  • Reaction time: Reflexes are nothing more than your brains ability to transmit a message you are not “consciously” thinking about. Your reaction time will drop noticeably.
  • Neuromuscular coordination: Athletes tend to think in terms of muscle groups, but what controls those muscles is the brain. To get the body’s systems working optimally on any task requires the brain to be in an optimal state.
  • Positional awareness. Successful athletes are said to have a “nose for the ball.” In practical terms, this means they have a better sense of where to stand and how to situate themselves vis a vis the court or field and their opponent – a skill requiring a high level of brain capability.
  • Energy level. Anyone can “pour it on” for a brief period, but being able to sustain a high energy level is critical to success in sports and other competitive pursuits. With the brain optimized, maintaining energy becomes easier.



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