Relaxation Set 1&2

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Whether your stress is spiraling out of control or you’ve already got it tamed, you can benefit from mindsounds relaxation.
The scientific benefits of relaxation shows that it:
  • Slows your heart rate down
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Slows your breathing rate
  • Reduces activity of stress hormones
  • Increases blood flow to major muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improves concentration and mood
  • Lowers fatigue and gives you an energy boost
  • Reduces anger and frustration leaving you calm
  • Boosts your confidence to handle problems

As well as listening to mindsounds relaxation  you can use other positive coping methods, such as thinking positively, finding humor, problem-solving, managing time, exercising, getting enough sleep, and reaching out to supportive family and friends.


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