Sound Therapy Listening Program Transcript

Hi and welcome.

I'm Jeff Moran, owner of the Sound Therapy site and creator the Sound Therapy Listening Program.
Today I'd like to give you an overview to hopefully answer some of the specific questions that you may have, questions like:

  • What is the program?
  • What does the program help with?
  • Is it rocket science?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Will I get bored listening?
  • Does the technology work?
  • What's the research behind the technology?
  • Why have you priced the program so reasonable?"

What is the program?

Now, first and foremost, what is the program? The program is a 5-level digital mp3 download program.

Dependent on how you are with technology the sound therapy program can be used on mobile phones, PCs, mp3 players and you can even download the program and put it on a CD if that's your choice.

The program goes from Level 1 to Level 2 up to level 5, the only difference being the intensification of the unique sound therapy that is underneath the different genres of music plus the variation in the music tracks.

We know that the different types of music engages, so you don't get bored, whilst the technology does all the brain work. The sound therapy works the brain hemispheres for co-ordination,  relaxation, speeds the brain up or slows the brain down dependent on how you use it.

Its so easy to use as all you need to do is listen. That can be listening while you're walking, while you're in the back of the car, while you're your playing, it doesn't really matter.

You can listen effectively because it's non-vocal music, so you can also use the program while you're studying, while you're writing. There's lots of different ways in which you can use the program.

What does the Sound Therapy Listening Program help with?

The research that we have carried out has been both objective and subjective and has proven that the program:

  • Helps with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia due to the sound therapy crossing  the brain hemispheres to improve coordination.
  • Aids Short Term Memory and learning
  • Also shown to help with auditory processing and improvement in speech.
  • Improved concentration and focus.
  • It helps with stress and stress reduction.
  • Improves ADD, ADHD with both behavior and learning.
  • Brings down anxiety levels.
  • In general, we have lots of feedback  with regards the sound therapy program having a positive effect dealing with many emotional issues.

As the creator a really satisfying area of the work is, say when all of a sudden for example a child starts to read a lot better.

As you read a lot better or your focus and concentration improves, you don't get as anxious or stressed out. This can all lead to an improvement in self-worth and self-esteem that then ends up with happier families.

We've seen children and adults confidence levels shoot through the roof purely through using the program and it's great to observe that happening and getting the great feedback.

How easy is the Sound Therapy Program to use?

To be honest, it's probably the most simplest program in the marketplace to use.

The program goes from Level 1 to Level 5, however, some users may finish at Level 3. They may think, "Okay, well we've reached Level 3 and we've got all the improvements that we were looking for, so we don't need to go to Level 5.  So all you need to do is put the headphones on and listen.

Do You Need to Listen With Expensive Equipment?

What's really good is you don't have to use expensive Sennheiser headphones that some programs say are required.

All the research that we've done has been based on cheap and cheerful equipment. If my memory serves me right we used £10.00 headphones and cheap £20.00 mp3 players, that's basically what all of the research was done on. So the program is really cost effective to use as there are no expensive extras.

Is it Better To Use CDs?

There's always the question, is it more beneficial to listen to a CD or an mp3?

Well we've used mp3s in all of the research with great results, so we don't see any real reason for the use of CD's. However if that's your preference and want to convert the mp3 to a CD, then by all means do so. The mp3s work absolutely fine though and we have found no difference in performance and results.

How Long Do You Stay On the Program?

The progress from Level 1 to 2 and upwards is different for individuals, however, on average, we see people moving from Level 1 to Level 2 approximately every 2 weeks.So 10 weeks to move through the whole program at that pace.

That's what we find. Approximately every 2 weeks. It can be a bit longer. It can be a bit shorter. It depends on the individual, but those are good averages.

How Long Do I Spend Each Day Listening

No its not a few hours a day like some of the program recommendations .

We find that 10-20 minutes a day, that's equivalent to 2 tracks is ideal, although the positive research was nearer the 10mins first thing in the morning.

At 10-20 minutes a day, it's not a life-long job of listening. There's a real benefit in that, especially when working with children.

It can be 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes when you get home from work or home from school, however, we don't recommend listening near bedtime. Best to listen a couple of hours before sleep as the program does stimulate the brain. That's the usage that we recommend.

Will I Get Bored Listening?

Well, in a nutshell, the answer to that, we believe, is no. Why is it no?

  • Because each level has 8 different tracks to choose from.
  • There are 8 different genres of music on each level.
  • All in all, we've got 40 original tracks, so lots of choice.

Which means, in terms of boredom, if you think of using the program and every 2 weeks moving to the next level, you've got a whole range of choices of music to listen to.

We know that if you listen to certain pieces of music, it creates changes in brain chemistry anyway, which make you feel different, so add in the sound therapy and we have a powerful combination for creating change.

We've got Mozart, which is a double-whammy, as we know Mozart exercises the two hemispheres so couple that with the sound therapy and you're well on your way.

We've got the Ambient Chill that the teenagers like, Indian Classical music. We've got some Bubbly Pre-Teen, so that combined with the Happy Island, is okay for the very young who want to use the program.

Some Cool Dance is in there, which is often the adults, as well as the teenagers preference.

We have some Chinese Original, which is actually my favorite, to be perfectly honest and last of all we have got the tried and tested Mind Gym. The Mind Gym is what we did the research with.

So lots of different music to choose from, so to answer the question, "Will I get bored listening?"  I doubt it, I really do.

Where is the Program Used

Now we know that the program is used in homes throughout the world.  It's also used in all types of schools from mainstream to special needs schools (SENCO Units) that includes primary and secondary schools.

I know that in my area in the UK, we've got the program running in several primary schools. it's used with adults and children of all ages.

Saying that, you might be looking at the program and thinking, "Well, okay, I've got maybe a son or a daughter myself and maybe we could improve in some areas of learning. I've also got a son and he's doing fine at school, but he just needs maybe a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Can he use the program?" Well yes, the program is used in mainstream as well.

Lots of athletes use the program to improve sports performance as well as general business people who want to improve concentration and focus or use the relaxation element... so it has no limits really.

Does the Technology Work?

It's always good, although painstaking at times to put a product together that has solid research behind the product, not just feedback and theory.We do learn a great deal through feedback but for a product to be fully accepted, then there is a need for research.

It's scientifically tested and proven. It works and it works really well.

Just on the area of brain waves, I think there's over 30,000 different research studies done on Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta types of brainwaves and emotional states along with brainwave entrainment.

What we did, we brought in a company called CDR, Cognitive Drug Research. They're now owned by United Biosource Corporation. They initially started doing research on another product in a local school, however the SENCO department was seeing better results with sound therapy so embarked upon the research project initially with the mind gym which is part of the sound therapy listening program.

What happened with the results, are actually quite astounding as even surprised ourselves actually.

  • As 73% of users improved working memory. On average, 46%.
  • Every user with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, improved rapidly and significantly.
  • We noticed the improvements in behavioral issues
  • Reading and writing improved with many users
  • General confidence levels were boosted
  • There was also a noticeable reduction in anxiety and stress.

What does all this lead to?

Well, in my experience, it leads to a happier family environment, which is the main aim of the company.


Why is the Sound Therapy Listening Program priced so reasonable?

There were a couple of things that we thought about when we decided to cost the product.

How can we make it accessible and affordable?

To make it accessible, it's got to be affordable. You know as not everybody can afford the high cost of a lot of the sound therapy programs out there. We know that many of the programs can run in to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds or dollars.

So we've made the program really affordable to get it out there, to get it out there into the mainstream to help people and to show that sound therapy works.

Due to that mindset we've priced it the moment at £49.97 for a limited time period and we have made it available instantly, as all you need to do is download the program and away you go.

Why is it so reasonable?

For the above reasons, we want it mainstream as I said, we want it to be accessible, so you don't have to get grants, you don't have to write for grants to get money  to get funding or Medical insurance and that stress that goes with the process. It's a program that's straight out of the box and it works. We know that it works, as we've got so much feedback on the success people are having.

Another key aspect built into the pricing is that as the owner of the company I do not have a sound therapy empire and rely upon the program sales to make a living. Sound therapy is my passion and I spend most of my time working in schools and businesses presenting and working with users, helping them integrate sound with other belief based learning or behavioral strategies... which is my main source of income.

Key Points Summary

Let's just have a little look at some of the key points. If you have specific questions, then feel free to email us at [email protected]

  • It helps to improve learning and memory.
  • Proven to  help with emotional problems.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • You can listen anywhere, whilst doing daily things.
  • The research was 10 minutes a day, but we do recommend 2 sessions/day.
  • It's backed by research, CDR, (Cognitive Drug Research company).
  • It's reasonable cost, with no hidden extras or up-sells.
  • You don't get bored listening.
  • There's plenty of choice in music, with 40 different tracks in all.
  • We have lots of happy users.
  • People's feedback is that the program works.

Thank You

I hope you've enjoyed the overview!

I wish you every success in using the program. However, if you don't choose to use our program and you use another, then that's fine. I wish you all the best with that as well.

Sound therapy is one of those modalities that is really hasn't even scratched the surface.

We know that every part of the human anatomy vibrates, so it's obvious to us that sound is a key component in the potential to change and therefore to heal many aspects of our lives.

We've chosen to make a difference in the world, our choice is based upon the use of sound therapy and bringing it to the mainstream.

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