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The Sound Therapy Site About Us Page

Here you can learn a little more about the Sound Therapy Site and the work we do in education, and in industry. You can also read about the experience and drive behind the founder Jeff Moran MA

"There are all kinds of ways and opportunities to make a difference in this world, and we’ve chosen to make our contribution through cutting edge sound and music technology, to help create positive change"

It's Our Belief That Drives What We Do With A Passion

What we now know is that at the deepest level of our current scientific understanding... everything is frequency/vibration. So with this knowledge we know that everything is in a state of motion at a deeper level, therefore nothing is fixed and permanent which concludes that anything can change on every level be it emotional, physical and spiritual.

This knowledge fuels the drive for us to continue to gain more of an understanding of how and what frequencies effect the brain and body in a positive way.  So in essence the most powerful motivator we could possibly have is that there is potential for change within anyone with the use of Sound Therapy.

Sound therapy for children

So whether it's learning or emotional challenges, sleep issues, tinnitus, memory problems, information processing disorder, due to the nature of the brain being made up of frequencies and everything having the potential for change, then it makes sense that most of these problems could be due to connection issues within the brain (brain wiring).

The Sound Therapy Listening Program helps improve learning and behavioral issues by either speeding the brain up for slower information processors, or slowing the brain down in times of overthinking and stress. The program uses cross hemisphere synchronisation to naturally create new neural connections, which leads to improved concentration, focus and accelerates learning capacity.

In studies its been shown to be highly effective for children and adolescents with A.S.D.Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome and Auditory Processing Disorder.  These benefits can lead to more self confidence and self worth, making for a happier home and school situation.

Sound therapist

Jeff Moran

I'm Jeff Moran, founder of the Sound Therapy Site

My background covers over 25 years of studying the effects of sound and music upon matter, which includes, but not limited to, sound and the body/brain connection, vocal analysis, frequency generators, high tech sonic analysis equipment, natural instruments and the voice.

The quest for knowledge has taken me from the UK to Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and the USA presenting  sound and energy workshops. Throughout all this, learning from the truly amazing experiences and people I have met along the way.

My Own Experience

As well as the pleasure I get seeing adults and children improve,  I do the work because I have personally overcome many of the obstacles that a lot of children and adults face today, including dyslexia which created a lack of self worth within myself.

To move forward I have tried various methods and strategies that are on the sound therapy site that have included a lot of sound/music therapy programs, educational courses and different learning techniques (auditory learner) that have worked for me. 

These techniques have enabled me to focus, relax the mind and absorb information which culminated in a very proud moment for myself and my parents when I received an MA in 2000, something I never thought possible at one point.

Currently I spend my time working with students/adults and the rest presenting the belief cycle, accelerated learning, brain development and the effect sound has upon our physical and emotional well being.

You can contact the team from the contact page, but if you like to ask me anything direct, then please mail me here

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