who is behind "The sound therapy site"
and what gets us up in the morning? 

A clue... It's not the bacon and eggs or the freshly brewed coffee

Jeff Moran on Sound Therapy

Jeff Moran MA
Sound Therapist

These are some of our beliefs that underpin why we do what we do.

1) We know from scientific research that everything is frequency.

2) Everything is in motion, including every cell, atom and structure of our being.

3) So if nothing is actually solid and fixed then anything can change.

4) We help you find the right environment/product for you to create that change.

5) And support you along the journey

Everything we do is focused upon creating solutions to problems, and we get
up in the morning because we believe anyone can change in a positive way

Sound therapy Program

What's different from ourselves and others doing great work, is that we have chosen to use sound therapy, as that's were we have years of experience

It's my experience that doing things for others also makes us feel good. Truth is that there is no better feeling than seeing parents and kids get life changing results

My Own Experience (Jeff Moran MA)

As well as the pleasure I get seeing adults and children improve by using the products, I also do the work because I have personally overcome many of the obstacles that a lot of children and adults face today. This includes dyslexia and dyscalculia, which created a lack of self worth within myself at school and work until I started to understand the challenges and find my own solutions.

I've had over 30 years experience of working with sound and its effect upon learning, concentration, behaviour as well as our health and well being. It has taken me from the monasteries of Nepal to the high tech world of frequencies, bone conduction and brainwave monitoring.

On this journey I have come across some amazing original authentic people along the way as well as the fraudsters and scammers. But in the end, doing what you do because its meaningful and makes you happy and content is what I think most authentic people strive for and that runs throughout the team here.

So feel free to contact myself or the team with any questions from the contact page

Some of the highs, working with parents, students and yes, overcoming my own learning issues and working to achieve my MA some years ago. Anything is possible

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