Top coaches agree... Your ability to focus and concentrate is what  really gives you the edge

And it's the Mind Gym that gives you that focus, all you do... is listen.

Sound Therapy To Improve Performance

Any serious athlete will tell you that the mental part of the game is at least as important as physical training. Top athletes have an ability to focus intensely and to remain in that state for an extended period and that’s what gives them the edge.

The Mind Gym Program does exactly that, it focuses your mind and has been used successfully by athletes like you in the field of martial arts, golf and squash, to name but a few. 

4 Areas Of Improvement We See On a Regular Basis From Using The MindGym Program

Hand Eye Co-ordination

Athletes tend to think in terms of muscle groups, but what controls those muscles is the brain. To get the body’s systems working optimally on any task requires the brain to be in an optimal state.

Faster Reaction Time

Reflexes are nothing more than your brains ability to transmit a message that you are not “consciously” thinking about that work on your muscle memory. However,  you will notice your reaction time will drop.

Positional Awareness

Successful athletes are said to have a “nose for the ball.” In practical terms, this means they have a better sense of where to stand and how to situate themselves – a skill requiring a high level of brain capability.

Neuro-muscular Co-ordination

Athletes tend to think in terms of muscle groups, but what controls those muscles is the brain. To get the body’s systems working optimally on any task requires the brain to be in an optimal state.

Click to find out more about the MindGym Ultimate 5 and Ultimate 40

The MindGym Ultimate 5 is a 1-5 level cutting edge audio program with a combination of natural waves blended with sound therapy that increases in intensity from level to level. It works on increasing your brains ability to process information leading to improvement in your sports performance as you start to process quicker. It works on all types of sports from tennis, martial arts,and general gym and training work.

The MindSounds technology within the MindGym program stimulates your brain as it works the two hemispheres and creates additional neural pathways. In essence, optimizing the way it processes information and it’s effortless on your part and completely safe – all we’re doing is helping the brain to do what it does anyway but more efficiently, with positive results.

The Difference Between the Ultimate 5 and Ultimate 40

The difference between the MindGym Ultimate 5 and MindGym Ultimate 40 is the choice of music you can listen to, as there are 8 tracks per level on the Ultimate 40 that include, Dance, Happy island, Mozart, Indian classic, Chinese classic, Ambient and Waves and only 1 track on the Ultimate 5 which is the waves combined with natural sounds.

MindGym for sports testimonials

Hi Jeff, just to say hello again and give you an update. Wow, great beats from MindSounds. I won in straight sets at tennis against my club champ last week, in the zone or what! Thanks,



Top mind power tools, check him out, don’t miss out on his great stuff, the best item I have bought for improved performance. His CD's really work.

sound therapy feedback


North Yorkshire

From league 5 to league 1 in racketball in 5 months. I have not done anything new but use the Mind Gym CD. It rocks.

sound therapy feedback



I actually won 5 sets in a row against a guy I have never beat, gee this is cutting edge stuff. I had 4 set points, which has not happened before against the top guy. I done him on the last one. lol



It’s as if the key is in slow motion these days, I use level 3, 15 minutes before a contest and the results are that my opponent appears to move slower as my reaction time speeds up. Thanks

sound therapy feedback

Martial arts Instructor


Brilliant and fast service. An amazing product really focuses my mind for comps

ARH Martial Artist


I love the CD! I'm on level 3 (seems to be good for me) It's really helping me stay more focused in the day, also much better connection when I perform Tai Chi in the mornings.

sound therapy feedback



Gotta say I never expected to be able to focus on the court like I can now... I use level 3 of the program before going on and I can feel my brain locking onto what I need to do... awesome.

sound therapy feedback



In The words Of Leyton Hewitt, The Worlds Youngest No1 Tennis Player

"When I'm in the flow the ball goes slow"

When Leyton Hewitt said "when I am in the flow, the ball goes slow" he was referring to his mental state. When he is in the flow his brain is processing information so quickly, that it makes the ball appear to go slower.

This is the same for any sport as many of the users feedback talk about this improvement in processing from martial arts where the opponent appears to be moving slower to racketball and tennis when the ball appears slower.

Easy to use and ten minutes with the MindGym will make a big difference to your performance.


MindGym Ultimate 40

Sound Therapy for Sports Performance

40 Tracks To Choose From

Complete With Instructions


MindGym Ultimate 5

Sound Therapy for Sports Performance

5 Tracks To Choose From

Complete With Instructions