There's now a powerful Sound Therapy program that works for a wide range of learning, behavioural and emotional challenges

As you know, learning challenges don’t only impact school performance, they can also lead to lower self-confidence and self worth. Worst of all you or your child can often lose belief in themselves. In fact, they can feel so discouraged, that they stop trying altogether, which often end up with not wanting to attend school. It's sad but that can create family distress and real unhappiness for all of those involved.

How Does the sound therapy listening program help

The program helps improve learning and behavioral issues by either speeding the brain up naturally for slower information processors, or slowing the brain down in times of anxiety and overthinking. The program uses sound therapy combined with music to induce cross hemisphere synchronisation that naturally creates new neural connections. As a result, this then leads to improved focus, behaviour, whole brain learning ability and the other positive improvements you will find here.

Sound therapy for children

In studies its been shown to be highly effective for adults, children and adolescents with Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome and Auditory Processing Disorder.  These benefits can lead to more self confidence and self worth, making for a happier home and school situation.

Have You Ever Wondered If You're On The Autistic Spectrum 

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