Success Stories From The Sound Therapy Product Range

I am looking after Timmy again and he is very hyperactive, now playing the CD and he is quiet and reading a book! I wish I had videoed the transition. I cannot wait to tell his mum, she will not believe it.

Phyl, Cheshire

Well Jeff… I only wish you had seen Jacob before he started using the CD. He has severe learning difficulties and has really improved since he started listening. He is so much calmer (he has stopped banging his fist) and his speech has got so much clearer, in fact the teachers at the school have been using the CD in class. I look forward to his continued improvements.

Eileen, Liverpool

I have felt less stressed since I have been listening to the music and find I can concentrate better in class. By listening each morning.  I feel I can take on the day and get myself ready to learn.

Jordan 14, Wirral

Listening to the music helps my brain get ready to learn. I have gone up 2 targets grades in English and I can read, spell and write much easier now.

Josh 13, Wirral

I don’t know what it does – but it does something to my brain so I can be like normal kids and do my work. I can read easier after I have listened to the music.

Jack 13, Wirral

I have noticed a significant change in one particular pupil when he listens to MindSounds – his whole persona changes and he becomes focused and willing to participate in lessons. An incredible transformation.

History Teacher, Wirral

Yes Jeff you sent me one and she has been using it before school. She is moving up to 'track' 2 and her teachers have already said her school work has improved (they don't know about the program). I will definitely be back in touch as she goes on! Many thanks

Sarah, Parent

Just to let you know that since I’ve been playing your CD to my son, who is dyslexic, I have noticed a big difference with him. He had been finding it hard to concentrate on any of his school work, and I thought there would be no end to me going in to see his teacher about his progress. Homework was always a struggle for him too. But over the last few weeks his whole attitude has changed, he does his homework, he is taking more pride in himself and his appearance, he is more motivated and more importantly he is happier. He will not go to bed without your CD, but in particular he loves tracks 5 and 6 ... The CD has also had a calming effect on the rest of the house, the kids go to bed no bother, and just nod off to sleep…… excellent, 10 out of 10.... thank-you..... Love and light,

Fiona, USA

Hi Jeff.....just a quick note to let you know how my son is progressing,,,,went to parents evening and he had an amazing report, for the first time ever, this is a child who was the classroom fool, comic and entertainer, plus being cheeky and disruptive. Kiefer is 10yrs old and has been struggling with his reading, which has been at the level of a 7-8 yr old. His reading age is now that of a 9 yr old, which is awesome. His behaviour has changed in class, his attention has improved and this is all down to the CD, this is powerful stuff...must get in touch soon. Love and light

Fiona, USA

One pupil has ADHD – hyperactive not aggressive – he asked for the CD player to be put on his desk with ear next to it and produced better work than he’s done in a year!

Teacher, Wirral

At first I thought it was all fake but when we were in revision class and it was playing – I found it easier to concentrate – the whole class calmed down and everyone was working – should have done this in year 10 then I wouldn’t have been so stressed out at the exams.

Richard 15, Wirral

The students can come in hyperactive and calm down very quickly meaning that the quality of the lesson is much  better.

Teacher, Wirral

Sleep Success

Sound therapy for sleep and insomnia

Well, my kids were playing up and I was on the edge. I put the CD on and thought I would try it. To my amazement I could feel the effects straight away. The kids calmed down, I calmed down and it continues to work. I now want one for my brother. So many thanks

Sue, Hull Show

I've been using the CD almost daily during the last few weeks and this has been a major help in keeping stress to manageable proportions. The effect is amazing, producing a really deep level of relaxation and a warm glow in my feet that keeps me going all day. What an amazing experience!!  I've nearly worn out the CD.

Wendy, Liverpool

So glad to hear from you. I have been enjoying your CD so much. It is interesting because I am getting lots of different reactions to it.  If I listen before retiring, it relaxes me into a deep sleep. If I listen while reading, my retention is better.  If I listen just for the sheer enjoyment of it, my awareness is enhanced. I am having so much fun experimenting with it. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with sound. It is such a beautiful way to feel better about myself in both mind and body.

Barbara, USA

Jeff - The CD is amazing, got me to sleep in half and hour when it usually takes about 4 hours. You’re a genius.

Zara 22, Cheshire

Jeff - I put the CD on just before I go to bed and it has an amazing effect on my sleeping. I never realised it would be this easy. Thank you,

Jackie, Wigan

I find it a huge stress relief to listen to the CD after a difficult day – I use it in the bath and it helps to wash away the troubles.

Stressed Learning Mentor, Wirral

I love the CD, I listen to it for 20 minutes a day and feel that my quality of well-being has been improved as I feel less tense and don’t get as wound up as easily.

Celia, Southampton

Hi, I bought it for my mum, and she thinks it's lovely, very soothing. Best wishes

Mike, Liverpool

I am thoroughly enjoying the Relaxation CD. I loved it from the start and ordered my pregnant daughter-in-law a copy too. She has now finished work and is finding more time to just sit and listen to it. I wish you luck when the CDs come out in the shops shortly.

Andrea, West Yorkshire

Relaxation and Well Being Success

Sound therapy for relaxation

Hi Jeff, After just one week WOW! these CDs are just amazing, already my brain tiredness improves everyday. Nine years ago I contracted meningitis and went into a coma, also, due to the pressure on my brain, suffered a stroke. I had a left sided weakness, a physical disability I learned to cope with, but brain damage? The doctors said there was little they could do and this brain tiredness would always be with me, but not now, I shall always remember when I  picked up the Men’s Fitness Magazine and read your article on ‘Train your Brain’. God bless you Jeff.

Keith 58, London

Your sound therapy CD's are with a friend of mine who has Parkinson’s disease. After only 5 days her speech has improved and she is walking better. Enjoy the rest of your life

Tina, Wigan

I am feeling much happier and made friends, I think it’s because the music has stopped me being emotional and moody!

Ryan, Wirral

Since listening to the sound therapy CD's my state of mind has changed and I have more energy, can concentrate better and don’t feel as depressed.

Hayden, Wirral

The sound therapy took me from my own world and brought me back to reality so I could cope with all my issues and think more objectively. I have been able to move forward and make better decisions, which has in turn enabled me to move out of my phase of depression.

Emerson, Sheffield

I bought your relaxation CD for my Grandad and he loves it! He hasn't been very well and he finds it very relaxing and easy to listen to. He has it playing for most of the day in the background and visitors have enquired about it. Kind Regards

Gemma, West Yorkshire

Hi Jeff, I purchased your sound therapy relaxation CD at Doncaster and have found it truly amazing. I suffer from anxiety and depression and do not find it easy to relax. The CD is so calming that all the debris of the day just empties. I have been sleeping better since I have taken time out to sit quietly and listen to it. My husband has also found it beneficial.

Anne, Doncaster

My youngest brother had to have surgery 2 weeks ago and I gave him a copy of the Relaxation CD to take with him. He loved it and found that it helped him very much, I have ordered this one to give to a friend of mine who is having a hip replacement soon and I know she will benefit from listening to it. Thanks again

Linda, USA

Having time out for me each day helps me be more patient, communicate better and get on with other students. I’m now a senior member of lunch group and feel I belong and respected.

Daniel, Cheshire

Dear, Jeff,Thank you so much for asking about my mom. On the day of her surgery she was listening to your Relaxation CD through some headphones. She was very tranquil and did not need her Xanax or any other medication for her anxiety.

Sally, USA

The doctor said it was a total success. At the present she continues to listen to your CD and I do too. We both relax with the sounds you have carefully orchestrated and are getting wonderful benefits. We can sense the vibrations going to our brains and other parts of our body, creating peace and awareness. Thank you so very much for making this available to us. I am very happy I can benefit myself and my family with the fruits of your research and work. Best wishes,

- Patricia, USA

Sports Focus Success

Improve sports performance

Hi Jeff, just to say hello again and give you an update. Wow, great beats from MindSounds. I won in straight sets at tennis against my club champ last week, in the zone or what! Thanks,

Pat Michell

Top mind power tools, check him out, don’t miss out on his great stuff, the best item I have bought for improved performance. His CD's really work.

Bisad, North Yorkshire

From league 5 to league 1 in racketball in 5 months. I have not done anything new but use the CD. It rocks.

Jeff, Wirral

Brilliant and fast service. An amazing product really focuses my mind for comps

ARH , Martial Artist, Wales

Gotta say I never expected to be able to focus on the court like I can now... I use level 3 of the program before going on and I can feel my brain locking onto what I need to do... awesome

Gerry, Wimbledon

I love the CD! I'm on level 3 (seems to be good for me) It's really helping me stay more focused in the day, also much better connection when I perform Tai Chi in the mornings.

Maya, Birmingham

I actually won 5 sets in a row against a guy I have never beat, gee this is cutting edge stuff. I had 4 set points, which has not happened before against the top guy. I done him on the last one. lol

TRev, London

It’s as if the key is in slow motion these days, I use level 3, 15 minutes before a contest and the results are that my opponent appears to move slower as my reaction time speeds up. Thanks

Rich Grannon, Martial Arts Instructor

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