The Benefits Of 432Hz

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Are There Any Benefits From Listening to 432Hz Music That Have Been Proven

Firstly, the benefits of 432Hz that music lovers and musicians have observed with music tuned in A=432 Hz is that it appears to be more harmonious to the ears and it is also said that it is felt inside the body at the spine and heart which also brings on a feeling of relaxation. As a result, music tuned in A=440 Hz was felt as a more outward and mental experience, and was felt at the side of the head.

Therefore, audiophiles, those who reckon they have super sensitive hearing say that the benefits of 432 Hz music seems to be non-local and can fill an entire room, whereas 440hz can be perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.

432 Hz and 440 Hz Geometric Shapes Created with a Sound Tono-scope

This is a common physics demonstration using a square metal plate (known as a Chladni plate), a violin bow or speaker and salt or sand is sprinkled upon the plate.

This phenomenon is shown in the works of Hans Jenny, who called it Cymatics in the 1960's that has likewise been superseded by Stuart Reid with his Cymascope, which is a fascinating piece of equipment to support the notion that sound creates matter.

Therefore, when a tone is generated by the speaker or by strumming the plate with the bow, the plate begins to vibrate and the salt upon the plate begins to form a pattern as seen in the video.

The frequency of 432Hz creates a true geometrical shape and consequently that geometric shape holds energy, hence the added benefits of 432Hz being the energising of the body and mind.


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