Discover the Power of Sound Healing for Physical, Emotional and Mental Health... Without Any Harmful Side Effects

Sound healing refers to a range of therapies from vocal toning to ultra-sonics in which sound is used to treat physical, emotional and mental conditions.

But it's not new as the ancient Egyptians, Tibetans, Indigenous Aboriginal people and as far back as the ancient Greeks have used sound healing to bring about physical and emotional health benefits.

Today, sound is used in modern applications such as ultra-sonics for bone stimulation and to disperse kidney stones. Sonography that uses sound waves to produce visual images of tissues, organs and blood flow inside the body and tuning forks used for reflex responses, hearing and bone conduction.

Some of the Many Areas that Sound Healing Can Help With

  • Improved learning abilities
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Calmer mind with less distracting thoughts
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • Short term memory improvement
  • More self-worth and self-esteem
  • Happier home life

Our Most Successful Program With So Many Positive Results

Our groundbreaking Sound Therapy Listening Program was designed for children, adolescents and adults to focus the brain and keep it on track in the midst of countless distractions, while improving concentration, memory and learning abilities.

Whilst the program was being researched it was also shown to improve self-worth and self-confidence, which leads to more content children and happier families!

Sleep, Memory, Tinnitus, Relaxation, Studying... We have it covered

Some of your feedback

  • Phylis Phylis Parent
    I am looking after Timmy again and he is very hyperactive, now playing Mind Relax and he is quiet and reading a book! I wish I had videoed the transition. I cannot wait to tell his mum, she will not believe it.
  • Sarah Sarah Parent
    Jeff you did send it me and she has been using it before school. She is moving up to 'level' 2 and her teachers have already said her school work has improved (they don't know about the program). I will definitely be back in touch as to how she gets on.
  • Eileen Eileen Parent
    Well Jeff… I only wish you had seen Jacob before he started using the sound therapy. He has severe learning difficulties and has really improved since he started listening. He is so much calmer (he has stopped banging his fist) and his speech has got so much clearer, in fact the teachers at the school have been using the CD in class. I look forward to his continued improvements.
  • Fiona Fiona Parent
    Since I’ve been playing your sound therapy to my son, who is dyslexic, I have noticed a big difference with him. His whole attitude has changed, he does his homework, he is taking more pride in himself and his appearance, he is more motivated and more importantly he is happier.  It has also had a calming effect on the rest of the house, the kids go to bed no bother, and just nod off to sleep…… excellent, 10 out of 10.... thank-you.
  • Richard 15 Richard 15 Student
    At first I thought it was all fake but when we were in revision class and it was playing – I found it easier to concentrate – the whole class calmed down and everyone was working – should have done this in year 10 then I wouldn’t have been so stressed out at the exams.
  • Sue Sue Parent
    Well, my kids were playing up and I was on the edge. I put the CD on and thought I would try it. To my amazement I could feel the effects straight away. The kids calmed down, I calmed down and it continues to work. I now want one for my brother. So many thanks
  • Hayden Hayden Student, Wirral
    Since listening to the sound therapy my state of mind has changed and I have more energy, and I can concentrate better and don’t feel as depressed.
  • Pat Pat Tennis Player
    Hi Jeff, just to say hello again and give you an update. Wow, great beats from MindSounds. I won in straight sets at tennis against my club champ last week, in the zone or what! Thanks,
  • Rosemary Rosemary Parent
    I purchased The Sound Therapy Listening Programme from you nearly a year ago and have found it very useful for my daughter Kate who as you may remember has mild cp with development delay and learning difficulties.
  • Richard Richard Life & Martial Arts Coach
    It's as if the key is in slow motion these days. I use level 3 of the MindGym before a contest and the results are that my opponent appears to move slower as my own reaction time speeds up.

Question is... With so much Independent Research to Prove the Positive Benefits of Sound Therapy... Why is it Not Fully Mainstream Yet?

Good question!  Actually, Sound Therapy is used in the mainstream, but only within a few areas that include: Ultra-sonics "lithotripsy" used to break up kidney stones, Sonography, often referred to as a scan and Tuning forks used in bone conduction and hearing.

It's no secret that "Big Pharma" companies don't fund research in Sound and Light Therapy for common solutions to everyday problems, such as lack of sleep....  They prescribe sleeping pills instead!  Anxiety and Depression....  They prescribe anti-depressants instead! ADD/ADHD....  They often give out medication, such as Ritolin and Adderall!  See a pattern emerging "Cha Ching" ... Follow the money.

We are not conspiracy theorists but it's why we believe that when people become aware of the healing power of sound and other natural therapies, and are not swayed by "Big Pharma" they will start to choose the drug free option.

The Future of Healing

Sound therapy, many experts say, is at the cutting edge of healing. And soon, they insist, like yoga and meditation, it will enter the mainstream.

The truth is, you’re probably already using sound therapy in your life. Several years ago, three out of four people who responded to a Prevention magazine health survey said that they listen to music to ease tension and stress. Of those, 82 percent reported that it brought them significant relief.

So even if you’re not interested in investing in a fancy tuning fork or a singing bowl, sound healing is still available to you. The next time you need a little pick-me-up or mellow-me-out, hum a little tune, or, better yet, go for a walk and enjoy nature’s own healing harmonies.

As the great man Nicola Tesla once said 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Who Is Behind The Sound Therapy Program?

Jeff Moran MA

I'm Jeff, founder of the Sound Therapy Site with a background covers over 25 years of studying the effects of sound and music upon matter, the body/brain connection, vocal analysis, frequency generators, high tech sonic analysis equipment, natural instruments and the voice.

The quest for knowledge has taken me from the UK to Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and the USA presenting  sound and energy workshops...   Throughout all this, learning from the truly amazing experiences and people I have met along the way.

What Drives My Work....

There are many things that motivate me to get up in the morning and pursue what I love doing... But it has got to be the feeling I get when I hear from parents seeing their child progress and embrace a renewed sense of self worth, which often leads to a happier child and therefore a happier family.

Personal Experience

As well as seeing people improve,  I do the work because I have personally overcome many of the obstacles that a lot of children and adults face today including dyslexia, spacial awareness issue that have been a challenge.

To move  forward,  I have tried various methods and strategies for learning that have included a lot of sound/light and music therapy programs, educational courses and different learning techniques that have worked for me.

These techniques have enabled me to focus, relax the mind and absorb information which culminated in a very proud moment for myself and my parents when I received my Masters degree in 2000.

So if you have any questions regarding the applications of the sound therapy and other strategies for learning then feel free to email me direct at [email protected]