Our Sound Therapy products make a difference because they change lives in a positive way for our users

What's great is that, they are easy to use and all you do... is listen.

Who Can Benefit From sound therapy?

We have children, adolescents and adults all using the various sound therapy products on the site getting improvements in a wide range of areas that include relaxation, sports performance, tinnitus, sleep and insomnia.

We also have solutions for a variety of challenges that include users with co-ordination problems, focus and concentration difficulties and specific issues such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, APD, asperger's syndrome and short term memory problems, through all age ranges using the Sound Therapy Listening Program.

Sound therapy for kids

The Sound Therapy Listening Program
which is our flagship product has had great results with a wide range of learning difficulties and behavioral challenged users.

Concentration and Focus

As the program gives the brain a cross  hemisphere workout, we see focus and concentration improve.

Learning Abilities

With the improvements in concentration and focus that most users experience, it leads to learning becoming easier.


As learning starts to improve and becomes easier, positive self-confidence starts to grow inside and out.


Because the program induces cross-hemisphere synchronisation it has a positive impact upon co-ordination.


The program has an effect upon focus and concentration, which we believe has an impact upon impulse and behaviour.


I can tell you there is no better feeling than to see a smile on a face that says I'm doing better and feeling happier.

Great feedback from Students, Teachers and Parents

It’s so effective, schools across the United Kingdom are using it to help treat children with special needs and educational & behavioral challenges, as well as successfully using it with mainstream learners.

Listening to the music helps my brain get ready to learn. I have gone up 2 targets grades in English and I can read, spell and write much easier now.

sound therapy feedback



I have noticed a significant change in one particular pupil when he listens to the Sound Therapy – his whole persona changes and he becomes focused and willing to participate in lessons. An incredible transformation.

Sound therapy feedback

History Teacher


One pupil has ADHD – hyperactive not aggressive.  He asked for the CD player to be put on his desk with ear next to it and produced better work than he’s done in a year!

Sound therapy feedback



Teachers talking about the program

Used In Schools Across The UK

Sound therapy in Schools

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If you have any questions about Sound Therapy and how it may help yourself or someone you know, then please get in touch.