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With Sound Therapy You Can Improve Learning And Behavioral Challenges Without Potentially Harmful Side Effects

There’s now a powerful Sound Therapy Program that works for a wide range of learning, behavioral
and emotional challenges. It's our groundbreaking 5 level Sound Therapy Listening Program.

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We Are Seeing Excellent  Results With Learning And Behavioral Challenges 

How The Sound Therapy Program Helps With Learning And Behavioral Challenges

As you know, learning challenges don’t only impact school performance, they can also lead to lower self-confidence and self worth and worst of all you or your child can often lose belief in themselves. In fact, they can feel so discouraged, that they stop trying altogether, which often ends up with not wanting to attend school, that can create family distress and real unhappiness.

The Sound Therapy Listening Program helps improve learning and behavioral issues by either speeding the brain up for slower information processors, or slowing the brain down in times of overthinking and stress. The program uses cross hemisphere synchronisation to naturally create new neural connections, which leads to improved concentration, focus and accelerates learning capacity.

In studies its been shown to be highly effective for children and adolescents with A.S.D.Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome and Auditory Processing Disorder.  These benefits can lead to more self confidence and self worth, making for a happier home and school situation.

Sound Therapy Listening Program
Sound Therapy Price
Sound Therapy Price
Sound Therapy Price

Our Sound Therapy Research Got Excellent Results From Using The Program For Just 10min/Day

Our groundbreaking Sound Therapy Listening Program was designed for children, adolescents and adults to focus the brain and keep it on track in the midst of countless distractions, while improving concentration, memory and learning abilities.

One of the key factors that emerged from the research was that you do not need to spend hours upon hours of time listening, like some other programs, as our research results came from users only listening to one 10 minute track/day.

The program is so easy to use that no matter how busy your schedule, you’ll be able to listen to at least 10 minutes while commuting to school/work, walking around, working out, relaxing, reading or studying.

The Sound Therapy listening Program Is A Unique Blend Of Sound Therapy And Music

We created the most engaging musical tracks to ensure restless children don't get bored and discontinue with the program and many parents tell us that even previously "resistant to change" kids enjoy the Sound Therapy Listening Program and complete the levels they need without having to be constantly reminded because of the music component.

This is a real benefit, as just listening to sounds without the music on top to give you the emotional pleasure, becomes boring for kids and adults alike to be honest, and ends up with users not continuing with the program, which is a real waste, as sound therapy is a powerful tool for change.

Sound therapy for children

The musical tracks are non-vocal so the language centers of the brain don't get caught up in lyrics and distraction. Whats more is that children and teens can listen to the tracks while they’re studying or doing other tasks, which makes listening easier and further aids their learning. As a result of listening, issues are resolved, which leads to less stress and a happier family environment, which is the goal of the Sound Therapy team.

A Mix Of Music For All Tastes  And It's Really Easy To Use!

The Sound Therapy Listening Program is simple to use and includes 5 progressive levels with 8 musical tracks per level to choose from, so we have made sure that there is plenty of choice for all tastes.

Every track on a level has a different genre of music to choose from, so you can customize the program to suit your sound therapy/musical listening preference.

That's 40 different tracks throughout the program, which ensures you or your child have an incredible choice of exciting music so "most importantly" you don't get bored!

Sound Therapy Music

We have Dance, Ambient, Happy Island, Chinese, Indian Classical, Mozart, Nature and a special Young Children's playful style that goes down well. So, as you can see we have tried to include music for all types of tastes and as an added benefit, some of the classical music actually acts as a doubling up of the therapy due to the nature of the compositions.

The difference in each level (1-5) is the intensification/speed/cross-hemisphere of the sound therapy that is underneath each music track. The music is there to keep your brain engaged, whilst the sound therapy does all the work under the surface.

We Continue To Have Great Feedback from "The Sound Therapy Listening Program"

Really Improved

“I only wish you had seen Jacob before he started using the Program. He has severe learning difficulties and has really improved since he started listening. He is so much calmer (he has stopped banging his fist) and his speech has got so much clearer, in fact the teachers at the school have been using the Sound Therapy in class. I look forward to his continued improvements.”

Sound Therapy



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Incredible Transformation

Yes Jeff you sent me one and she has been using it before school. She is moving up to level 2 and her teachers have already said her school work has improved (they don't know about the program).
I will definitely be back in touch as she goes on!

Many thanks

Sound Therapy Parent



We Also Carried Out Our Own Research With Great Results

We couldn’t be more proud of the positive results of our independent studies.

A study conducted by the Cognitive Drug Research, a top UK and international cognitive testing and research company, found that all users made an improvement, but those facing challenges from dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD and other learning and behavioral problems improved more significantly using our program for just 10 minutes a day.

Short term memory also improved by an astonishing 46% to 73% in our test group, which could have implications for those with dementia and other cases of memory loss.

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Sound Therapy Research

A Recap On The Positive Benefits Of The Sound Therapy Listening Program

Learning Challenges

Positive results with users challenged with ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Asperger's and APD.

Easy To Use

Really easy to use for children, adolescents and adults, complete with instructions.

Only 10min A Day

Fast results in only 10-20 minutes each day and you can listen whilst doing daily tasks anywhere.

Researched To Work

Sound Therapy is backed by over 30,000 studies and our own CDR research with great results.

Cost Effective

Most cost effective sound therapy program with no hidden extras, practitioner follow ups or renewal fees.

Lot's Of Music Choice

Your children or yourself won't get bored with over 40 unique musical tracks to choose from.

Sound Therapy Listening Program
Sound Therapy Price
Sound Therapy Price
Sound Therapy Price

If The Sound Therapy Listening Program Is Not For You, Then Browse A Selection
Of Our Sound Therapy Products Without Any Harmful Side Effects

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